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OsteoBall®Deluxe Lifetime Package

OsteoBall - The doctor-designed, revolutionary way to tone, build, and strengthen your muscles and bones

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The Breakthrough: OsteoBall

A new type of ball has been invented. It's called the OsteoBall. It is developed by a world-renowned doctor. Remarkably, you can now build upper/lower body strength rapidly and increase bone density -- simultaneously.

Here's What You Should Know About OsteoBall

  • Unlike other workouts, OsteoBall works all 10 major muscle groups in just 10 minutes. And, your OsteoBall workout can be done in any position -- standing, seated, or even lying in bed.
  • Unlike other exercise equipment, OsteoBall adjusts itself continuously to your strength level throughout the entire exercise. This helps protect your joints, greatly reducing risks of joint strains and muscle pulls.
  • Unlike bulky weights, elastic bands, or gym machines, OsteoBall is lightweight and ultra easy to use. Simply position your OsteoBall for the exercise, begin your pull or squeeze on the ball -- and in just seconds you're done!
OsteoBall Deluxe Contents

OsteoBall Adjusts Itself Continuously to Your Strength Level Through the Entire Exercise

These claims are not unsupported. OsteoBall is a clinically tested product. Medical institute studies prove OsteoBall helps build bone and muscle strength. The OsteoBall results are documented in peer-reviewed, international medical publications.

When a Partially-Inflated Ball is Better

OsteoBall is used partially inflated. This sets it apart -- and it's patented. OsteoBall's partial-inflation lets you take advantage of something called isometric resistance.

Isometric exercises are well documented by science to be the safest most efficient method of body strengthening. That’s why NASA astronauts rely on it. Until now, equipment choices for the average person, have been limited to hefty weights, elastic bands or cables & pulleys. This is simply not practical. OsteoBall is lightweight, easy to use, and can be done almost anywhere.

But, Will OsteoBall Work for Me?

The best and only way you can experience the benefits of OsteoBall is to try it for yourself. Do it Risk Free with our 30 Day In-Home Trial. Then, after using OsteoBall, if it's not everything you expect it to be, simply return it for a full refund. Don't delay — Click here to order and your OsteoBall will be on its way to you.

The OsteoBall Deluxe Package Contains

OsteoBall Deluxe Contents

The latest model of OsteoBall is now available to you. It comes in a Deluxe Package with everything you need to take advantage of OsteoBall's unique ability to help increase your muscle and bone strength.

Here is what you get:

OsteoBall Deluxe Ball

Ultra-light, weights less than 1 pound and measures just 16 inches in diameter. These features makes OsteoBall so easy to position especially for exercising hard-to-reach muscle groups. Deflates flat for easy travel and storage.

Deluxe Cover - Washable, Pure Cotton

OsteoBall Deluxe's cotton cover is removable and machine washable for the utmost in hygiene and convenience. The softness of the brushed cotton makes OsteoBall Deluxe feel more like hugging a pillow than an exercise device.

Durable, Cushioned Handle-Grips

OsteoBall Deluxe's handle-grips are foam padded for a cushioned hold when doing upper body workouts. They open into large loops allowing easy on/off for ankles and legs when doing lower body exercises. Built for exceptional durability, they are stitched with high-strength nylon thread.

Handy Exercise Cue Tag

The illustrated tag attaches to the OsteoBall, and it works like your "silent coach." The tag's individual images guide you through each exercise, reminding you of proper form and position.

Step-By-Step, Instructional DVD

Dr. Robert Swezey M.D., renowned physician and OsteoBall's inventor, personally guides you through each one of the exercises. Clearly seeing the exercises demonstrated makes them even easier to learn and do.

Fully Illustrated Workout Handbook

A comprehensive handbook for users, filled with easy to follow illustrations and valuable information on every page.

Rapid Inflate/Deflate Air Pump

Inflates and deflates OsteoBall easily. Storing and traveling with your OsteoBall Deluxe becomes a breeze.

Bonus! Seated Workout Handbook -- Online Exclusive

A full workout routine that can be done from a seated position. This Bonus Workout is available exclusively online (or by calling our toll-free number 800.860.3949).

Unconditional Lifetime Warranty

Our warranty is plain and simple: you will always have a fully working OsteoBall Deluxe, or we'll replace it with a new one. Click here if you would like read more about our exceptional Lifetime Warranty.

30-Day In-Home Trial, 100% Risk-Free

From the very first time you use OsteoBall you will feel your muscles respond. Try it in the privacy of your own home for 30 days. It's Risk Free. If OsteoBall is not all that you expect simply return it for a full refund. No questions asked. Click here and your OsteoBall will be on its way to you.

It is easy to use and does not take up much space. I will say too that it gives a pretty good workout!

– Marcia E., Boulder, CO

Delighted. Wish I had started sooner. My doctor is as pleased as I am that I started with it!

– Julia M., Winter Haven, FL

What Can OsteoBall Do for Me?
  • You'll likely feel your muscles get stronger from the first exercise
  • In under 10 minutes, helps strengthen and build muscles and bones
  • Strengthens all key areas prone to the bone conditions osteopenia and osteoporosis
  • Flexible shape helps you work those difficult-to-exercise areas (like chin and inner thighs)